We are eternally grateful every time our customers share before and after pictures of the hair growth results they achieve with Mellow Minds hair care products.

Sophia's story is no exception and a shining example of how a dedicated hair care routine can give remarkable changes in a matter of months. With our Rosemary Serum and Rosemary Oil, Sophia has experienced hair growth that has rebuilt her confidence and given her back the beautiful hair she loves.

Luckily, we got to ask Sophia a few questions and we hope her path to a healthier scalp and enviably beautiful hair will inspire you to create your own hair care routine.

Why did you start using Mellow Minds hair products?

I started using Mellow Minds products because my hair had become really dull and dry after the fall and it wasn't growing like it used to. In addition, my hair was getting a bit thinner, probably due to many hairstyles and lack of care.


 Hårvækst med rosmarinolie

How often did you use the products?

I started using the products every night for the first few months. I started by massaging the hair serum into the scalp and a little into the lengths. Then I used the hair oil either as a treatment on the scalp, which was washed out the next day, or a small amount of hair oil on the lengths after the shower. I quickly learned that a small amount of oil goes a long way if you apply it properly.

How long did it take you to see results?

I saw results already after one and half months. The results became very obvious  about three months in, when my hair really seemed to grow and look healthy.

 Sophias hårvækstresultater med Mellow Mind

How do you maintain your hair after you've achieved your great results?

I maintain my hair by continuing to use the products, especially during the fall and winter months. I now use the hair oil on damp hair after a shower and massage the serum into my scalp two to four times a week.

Do you have a good tip for those who want to get started with their hair care routine?

I highly recommend Mellow Minds' products and especially their hair products. My advice for those who are considering starting with hair serum and hair oil: Keep going, take before and after pictures - I was surprised to see the development and effect when I looked back at the before picture.

It gave me a huge confidence boost, so give yourself the gift of taking time for your own hair; just two to five minutes of attention every day can do wonders.


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