Good quality and sustainability are Mellow Mind's focal point and the two values we constantly strive to develop and learn from.
We are not perfect, but our goal is for it to rub off on all activities in the company - the way we work, produce, consume, treat each other and our customers and partners.
Our skin, body and hair care products are formulated by founder Maria Grønborg and manufactured in our own studio in Kolding, Denmark.
They are all 100% vegan and mixed by hand in small batches to ensure optimal freshness - of course so you as a customer get fresh skin and hair care products, but also to minimize waste. Any waste we may have is as far as possible turned into new products or donated.
At Mellow Mind, we are committed to minimizing our use of packaging and printing materials to protect the environment.

Our signature paper banderole is made from 100% recycled fiber, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and FSC-certified paper.

In addition, we use FSC-certified cardboard boxes, organic cotton and aluminum for shipping, gift bags and travel packaging.

You avoid unnecessary plastic packaging - all without having to compromise on your everyday ritual.