Soap Dish/Oak


The soap dish is crafted from one piece of solid FSC-certified oak wood. The round, minimalist design makes it perfect for a small sink or bathroom shelf and is sized to fit all Mellow Minds soap and shampoo bars.

The bowl has a hole in the centre of the bottom to allow the water from the soap and shampoo bars to drain. This way, the product dries between uses and lasts as long as possible. In addition to its function, the bowl is also an aesthetic element to have on display. You can also use it to store jewellery or other decorative elements.

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The Mellow Minds soap dish is made from FSC-certified solid oak wood treated with natural oil and wax.
Over time, the wood will patinate. The wood will develop a darker colour due to daily contact with soap and water. Irregular distribution of moisture can lead to cracks and gaps. To avoid this, we recommend following the Mellow Minds care guide.
Make sure to wipe excess soap and water off the soap dish and worktop daily. Daily cleaning is done with a soft cloth wrung out in clean water. Avoid using cleaning products that contain chemicals.
By taking good care of your soap dish, you will have a beautiful product for many years.

Solid Oak with a natural oil and wax treatment.

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